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The Different Ways That These Sex Toys Can Give You Pleasure

A far cry from the one-dimensional one-shooter that was once the dominate sexual toy of choice, suction cup dildos are now used in a variety of ways, settings and situations, and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and kinds. Straight, curved, extra large, firm, realistic and even with more than just one partner to enjoy – line up your (2 free hands) for the most versatile and interesting suction cup dildos. You’ll love ’em all.

Soft, smooth and super soft – the L-shaped ones have a gentle massage effect as the suction cups gently push and pull at the clitoris and labia for mind-blowing orgasms. The bigger ones have stronger suction, so you can start thrusting immediately! Some of them have variable speed dials that control how firm and fast you’re able to go, while others have a variable rhythm control to vary the feeling of your thrusting. And because they’re completely colorsoft, you can use them with any coloured lubricants.

Bigger dildos, on the other hand, have a lot more mass to them. With lots of room to spare (at least eight inches on average), big size suction cup dildos let you feel like you’re penetrating deeply. They also give you more back rubs than the smaller sized silicone dildos. Some of the biggest ones also have a “waterslide” motion as you slide one around inside of your woman. These toys aren’t just for penetrative sex though – you can use them for foreplay, as well.

If you want to try out a new position with your partner that both of you are uncomfortable with, then consider the use of one of these large dildos. Anally, you can use a panda ball or other similar toy to help your lady reach a climax before you begin your search for a new position to make love in. You can also use it to turn her on if she’s not ready for anal yet. Suction cup anally sex toys are great if you want to try something innovative and new for your partner!

But for couples who aren’t ready for penetration yet, you have a few more options. One is the classic stick on dildo mount. This type is just like the original model, only it comes with a suction cup instead of the clitoral plug. Once you stick it in, the suction cup does all the work by pushing the dildo in and forcing it to stay in position. This is a great option for those who don’t yet feel confident about using their vagina as an insertion tool.

The other popular version of these items are the realistic vibrators. Realistic dildos have all sorts of different stimulation features built in, including vibrating heads, vibrating shafts, and more. These are the perfect way to give her some added pleasure before you even begin thinking about trying to penetrate her. You can easily purchase realistic suction cup dildos online or at a local sex shop.